What is Unbound?

What is Unbound?

An Unbound doc is the digital first approach to producing your next report, brochure or prospectus.

Unbound is a digital document solution brought to you by Eleven Logo

Unlike traditional PDFs, Unbound uses accessibility features to allow your audience to view the content in a way that suits them. By seamlessly integrating videos, animations, clickable links and interactive graphics, the platform enables you to create an immersive online experience that will captivate your users.

The platform also offers unparalleled flexibility, enabling users to access documents anytime, anywhere and on any device (with internet connectivity). By offering a seamless viewing experience across desktop, tablet and smartphone, Unbound allows you to reach your audience effectively regardless of their location or preferred device.

A fully responsive layout lets you view content on any device at any size.

On your computer

On your tablet

On your phone

Real-time results

Detailed data and analytics means you can keep track of how your audience interacts with your content in real time. This invaluable information empowers you to refine your content strategy, tailoring future documents to better suit your audience’s preferences and interests.

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