Benefits VS PDF

Benefits VS PDF

From responsiveness to accessibility, the benefits of Unbound over PDF are boundless…

Benefits to you

Performance insights

With Unbound, we’ll provide you with a performance dashboard so you can see how well your pages are performing in real-time.


There’s a lot of energy, paper and ink involved in printing reports. Unbound helps you reduce your carbon footprint.

Cost effective

Compared with the high print costs of a report or prospectus, Unbound offers unlimited reach compared with the limitations of a print run.


Unbound is fully customisable to your brand, using your logo, colour palette, fonts and design styles.


Say goodbye to printed typos! If you spot one that needs updating, no problem.

Benefits to your users

No heavy files

No downloading required. Unbound is viewed in browser so you can view anywhere, anytime.

Any device

No more pinching and zooming on your smartphone. Unbound is naturally responsive to fit any device.

Rich media

Static media just isn’t as engaging. With Unbound, you can feature animation, video, sound and more to captivate your users’ attention.


Unlike a PDF or printed document, Unbound uses accessibility features to allow your users to view content in a way that suits them.

Quick navigation

Unbound uses a chaptered structure so users can easily find key information and jump to the content that is most relevant to them.

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