Design features

Design Features

Standard design features


Reveal more information in a small window that appears at the click of a button.

Video content

Move your audience with embedded videos and animations.

Built-in animation

Bring important information to life with dynamic animations and transitions.


Easily capture your users’ valuable data.


Get input from your users with this optional Typeform plug-in.

Standard technical features

Marked-up amends

Up to 100 included in our starting package.

Secure hosting

Keeping your data protected from any unauthorised access.


Enabling you to view the content at any size, on any device.

Performance analytics dashboard

So you can see which pages are performing well, and which ones aren’t.


Allowing your users to view the content in a way that suits them.

Advanced design features


Transport users to a specific location (like a campus or city centre).

Image hotspots

Turn photos and images into interactive infographics.

Bespoke integrations

If you have a specific requirement, we can look into creating something truly bespoke to your needs.

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