Got a question? We’ve got some answers…

1. What can I create with Unbound?

The sky’s the limit! But Unbound is particularly great for creating digital publications like brochures, reports, plans, strategies, manuals and prospectuses.

2. Why should I use Unbound instead of a web page?

While they come in the same HTML format, the two have very different uses. Websites are specially designed to house a huge amount of information, offering multiple places to navigate to through a master menu. What Unbound does is cut through all the noise of a website and create an interactive content experience where users can easily navigate through one page at a time. And unlike with offline tools like PDF or PowerPoint, Unbound has the added advantages that come with online content – like detailed insights on performance, responsiveness to any device or browser and seamless integration of rich/interactive media.

3. Who will create my Unbound doc?

Unbound is a digital document solution created by Eleven – an award-winning creative agency for the public and third sectors. With any project using Unbound, you’ll be allocated a dedicated account handler from Eleven, who you’ll have regular meetings with and regular email correspondence to keep you updated on progress.

4. What data does Unbound collect?

We may collect metadata information, which identifies your computer and tracks your visits and navigation of our document in terms of clicks and page views. We will use Google Analytics and HubSpot to collect this information, to help us assess and improve our document experience. Individuals are not identified during the process of this information. We will not share your data with any third parties. Any form data collected on your Unbound docs will be delivered to your secure CRM (or shared with you by email) and won’t be used or accessed by us. Please see our Privacy Policy for further info.

5. How will I share my amends?

Unbound has its own integrated mark-up tool. We’ll provide you with a link and login, granting you administrator access so you can drop in whatever comments and amends you have for us. These will be stored in the secure admin area of the tool for our design team to work through.

6. What performance analytics will I be able to see?

Your Unbound performance analytics dashboard is integrated with GA4 and returns (as standard) the GA4 metrics you’d typically associate with a digital document. For example: visitor data, session duration, daily engagement, session duration, source and device. Bespoke reporting is available as part of the Unbound Unlimited package and includes any additional GA4 reporting features you require. This option will also display your dashboard in your own branding.

7. Where will my Unbound doc be hosted?

Your Unbound doc will be hosted on a secure UK managed cloud-based server which means there’s no need for any messy integrations with your current systems. All data is secured to industry relevant standards at a UK-based centre with 100% data sovereignty guaranteed. You’ll get a bespoke URL linking to your document which you can link to on your website, social media channels, emails, or however else you choose.

8. What happens at the end of my 12-month license?

3 months prior to the end of your 12-month license period, we’ll give you the choice to either renew with us – so we can continue to host and maintain your documents – or we can package up the theme files for you to archive and restore later.

9. What’s the deal with image licensing?

Any image licenses we provide will cover the use of the images within the Unbound document. This agreement won’t permit you to use the image across any other marketing materials. If you choose not to renew your Unbound doc at it’s 12-month renewal date, the images will remained licensed in perpetuity, so if you choose to put your document back online you won’t need a new license. Eleven will retain all image licensing rights, unless you have provided your own assets.

10. What’s covered in software updates?

All relevant security updates will be applied to both the server and web content management systems that power Unbound as and when they become available. We will also review and implement regular feature updates once we’re confident they are compatible with all of your selected features and are in a stable, bug-fixed state.

If you can’t find the answer to your question, please contact us.